Acorn Environment Services Ltd

Void Properties

Acorn has dedicated void teams who provide a clear, repair and cleaning service to empty properties.

void property can be anything from a derelict warehouse, vacant social housing scheme unit or a private rental property that tenants have left in a poor state. They also include properties that have been damaged by fire or flood.

Our team have PDA’s allowing them to capture real time information and photographs which is useful where variations are raised. They travel in fully stocked vans carrying all of the necessary stock enabling them to carry out a swift and efficient service.

As part of our holistic service, we can also include “Welcome Packs”, that can include essential items such as washing up liquid, tea, coffee, milk etc… which is always appreciated by new residents.

All of our staff are fully trained on individual voids lettability standards ensuring consistency across multi clients.

We know that time is all-important when a void needs to be turned around. Our aim is to provide a rapid response that leaves each property cleared and in a hygienic condition for either immediate re-occupation, or as is quite often the case, ready for other workers to move in and carry out furtherwork such as building repairs.

After a full risk assessment we can, if required, carry out a sharps sweep and removal of any obnoxious deposits or infestation in a safe way. We can then carry out a complete clearance including all rubbish, furniture, discarded personal belongings etc. We finish with a professional clean and deodourisation if required.

The unique benefit of using Acorn is that all these services are executed at the same time and by one company, thus eliminating the need to contact several businesses or departments. This approach is both convenient and time efficient.

Our company are flexible with a range of commercial arrangements including unit costs, mini tenders or schedule of rates.

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