Rat & Vermin

Our expert pest control service offers a bespoke solution to handle all types of pests which range from mice & rats to moles & rabbits.

Our staff will:

  • Be qualified, experienced and courteous
  • Identify themselves and show their official identification if you ask for it
  • Inspect your home or business to confirm which pest is causing the problem
  • Tell you how they intend to treat the problem, and what precautions you should take
  • Confirm the cost of the treatment before proceeding
  • Use safe, approved materials and methods
  • Lay bait in a manner which avoids harm to other creatures
  • Leave you a treatment record sheet telling you which pesticide has been used
  • Make a further visit to check how effective the treatment has been and lay further baits, if necessary
  • Advise you on further preventative measures to try to stop the problem from occurring again

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