Acorn Environment Services Ltd

COVID 19 Sanitization & Risk Prevention

Our professional team can sanitize and disinfect your workplace, school and any other surroundings using state of the art equipment and highly effective broad spectrum viricidal disinfectants. These treatments can be one off or a routine of regular treatments.

Working out of hours, evenings or weekends we have the specialist equipment to disinfect large areas quickly, our Virucide is highly effective and dissipates to inert liquid within an hour of treatment. Disinfecting your workplace on a regular basis will vastly reduce the risk of diseases spreading.

✔   We sanitize and disinfect your workplace

✔   We use state of the art equipment

✔   We use highly effective broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant

✔   Works within an hour of treatment

✔   We can work weekends and out of hours

✔   We offer one off or regular treatments

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