Acorn Environment Services Ltd

Bird Proofing

Our pest control bird proofing solutions are designed for both commercial and residential premises to encapsulate health, safety and the protection of the environment.

We specialise in the cleaning of hazardous waste created by birds and future proof the area to eliminate future waste being generated by pest birds.

This waste often plays host to a number of unpleasant diseases, leads to insect infestation and can cause extensive damage to the fabric of buildings.

We can install a range of Bird Proofing Systems appropriate to the location to protect structures from pest birds such as Pigeons, Gulls and smaller birds like the Sparrow and Starling. Bird Point, Bespoke Netting Systems and other methods including Optical Gel, Post and Wire can be used which are designed and fitted to be unobtrusive.

We offer tailored bird proofing solutions to solar panels that can suffer from nesting issues that can damage components of the panels

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